Monday, 27 April 2009

Cosplay Plannage (Picnic, Clubnight and Aya)

Way back in the day when I first started going to conventions in 2006 I was really up for the idea of cosplaying. As my convention experience carried on I started talking a dislike to it. Not to other people doing it. One of the many reason I go to conventions is because I love seeing nicely made costumes. I guess because I never felt to insanely comfortable when I do cosplay. Like most girls I do have somewhat lack of confidence when it comes to my body and I can hardly pull off cute anime characters. Now that I'm socializing with a more cosplay happy group of friends I feel I can get back into the swing of dressing up and go all out at this years big summer convention. AYACON.

So I have plans.

First before Aya there are a couple of cosplay events coming up. Well..I wouldn't really call the cosplay picnic a proper cosplay picnic cos no-one dresses up. Still I enjoy the company and the lols. So something that I've already done before that won't be too much trouble on the train would be nice. Probably my Ouran cosplay's simple, comfortable, and makes girls squee. Which is always fun XD This all depends if I go or not which I probably will but won't be sure until nearer the time.

Cosplay Clubnight in Bristol is run by a couple of friends of mine and always a good laugh. Last time I went as Jessica Rabbit and caused quite a stir (*pfft*).

This time it will land on 4th of July so the night is American themed. I wasn't really sure what to do till Andy asked if I wanted to join their Teen Titans group and do Starfire.

Sure! No problem...Ok..So short skirt and belly showing. Here comes that "All not too comfortable with body" comes into play. But I've decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it. A more challenging cosplay will be a good thing plus it will spur me on to doing more exercise which I started on Friday and have been keeping up since. Fingers crossed on that :P I will post up progress as we go. If all goes well I will probably use it for Aya too.

I've been to two conventions this year and have only slightly cosplayed for a few hours at one of them so at this Aya I'm going all out and cosplay for the full weekend with at least 4-5 different costumes. If Starfire goes as plan she will be number 3.

The first one I came up with will probably be for the Friday. This will be Durer from Enzai. Enzai is a yaoi PC game and this character always makes me lol. As soon as he comes along you know rape is gonna happen. It's amazing.

My only problems I thought would be the hat and jacket but I was quite lucky to stumble across a jacket on eBay for £8. Bargin! That is now waiting for me at home until my brother brings it to me on Friday. Hope it will look ok. Trousers shouldn't be a problem as I've seen plenty of blue trousers on market stalls. The hat will have to be either found or made. I'll work on that when I have more money. Either way it's all working out :D No-one but my friends and other yaoi fans will know who I am. Plus I'll be wearing this at the yaoi panel (which I'm running along with the awesome Mosey ^_^) where I will hopefully be showing the 1st OVA of Enzai.

I wonder if I could get Andy to go as Guys....>.>

My second idea for a cosplay will be my masquerade cosplay. I've only ever done one masquerade but plan to do a big one this time round.


I have high hopes for this one and will probably be the greatest cosplay I've done so far. I'm really excited about it. Plus I have a few friends who are willing to be Bombermen with me. Which is even better :D

The only other cosplay I really need is a ball cosplay. I think Aya is having a ball anyway :/ I'm tempted to go in a dress this time but I always feel so much more comfortable in a suit. If I ever did a dress I would love it to be somewhat Paradise Kiss inspired. Not the big blue dress of course O_O That's far too much of a I don't suit blue :P Needs some research.

So those are my ideas and will hopefully post up progress as they go along. Of course none of these will be really started until I have handed in all my uni work at the end of May. That way I can dedicate myself to making awesome cosplays :3

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