Thursday, 23 April 2009

When I really should be doing other things...

So it's about that time again where I go "You know what..I'm gonna start a blog! This time I'll keep it up and post all the interesting things that have been happening in my life and all the interesting things I see and do."


Well looks like I'm gonna start it again.

Might as well introduce myself. My name is Umbrav. Some of you will know me...some won't..ok MOST won't but I hope you will grow to love my awesomeness which I do radiate daily. It's a curse really.

I have a few major factors in my life that might be worth blogging but I decided to just bung them into one big blog until I decide that they might need to be seperated.

First off I'm an artist *cough*...well cartoonist. I'm also an animator in my first year of studying animation. I'd like to post up things I'm working on and animation tests I have completed as well as my comic ideas that have been in the process for many years but I've been too godddamn lazy to start them.

I'm also a Second Lifer. I go by the name of Manny Wachter and Jenneh Adamski. Not as much as I use to be due to my university's cruddy network and them not unblocking voice for me. "We can't change the main firewall!" *Pfft* But that won't be the problem for very long. With the help of my own social specialist Garrett Ceriano I've seen many different sides of SL that I've always wanted to blog about. There won't be much at first but hopefully as I obtain a better network when I move out in the summer Second Life will be much more interesting.

Last just my overall crit on the world around me. I am a geek and often attend anime convention throughout the UK. It would be nice to have a place to jot down my random going ons.

Well that's about this space for...whatever I post up. :3

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