Friday, 8 May 2009

The good thing about this blog is...

I don't think any of my friends look at it XD. No it's actually a good thing. I think Livvy and her stoopid face might check it out from time to time but it gives me a place to talk about my life without fear of embarressing myself infront of friends or hiding things that I really want to talk about.

I feel sometimes I am a viewer of some of the drama that happens with some of my friends. Like a side character who comes in from time to time when the show needs a change of pace. I hope my apperance gets an appluase from the audience lol.
"Ooh we gotta watch this episode. It's got Jenny in it." XD

I prefer my life without drama. I hate worrying. Some people seem to attract it and even desire it. The anime community is notorious for drama llamas. So is Second Life. I tend to back away when it does start brewing. Not that I don't want to help my friends but sometimes it's hard to know who's side to stand on when you don't know all the facts. Take the case of Callum vs Sidnee a few months back. It was all really pathetic and stupid and both needed to grow up and stop being complete whores.

I hear a lot of Nani con drama from all different sides but I'm not going to go into that either :/ Not my place to.

Drama pretty much left me when I finished doing performing arts. I prefer my life to be much more quiet. Things are stressful enough at the moment with it coming close to the end of my first year without silly quibbles getting in the way :P

Recently on facebook a meme went round asking you to write 10 things you would say to someone if you could without saying the name of the person. I mostly put silly things and positive things but some others were quite personal. Handbags at dawn ladies?

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