Sunday, 10 May 2009

Recent Sketches

Whoo! First sketches to post. Nothing really erotic like I promised myself -_- but still.

A few months ago I bought a homosexual photography book called 'Lovers' which I really wanted to use as reference for some of my own pictures. I really remember when I drew this but I remember it was after I cleaned my room and I was waiting for something or someone. I had time to kill so drew this up. My two characters Manny and Stan from my story Raising the Stakes

Just a quick one of another Raising the Stakes character called Jamie. I finished this last wednesday during Anime Soc.

Last one for today was something I drew up today during a meet up with Bristol Anime Club. I don't draw women that often so I was pleased with this one. The face looked a little weird so I corrected it once I got home.

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