Monday, 4 May 2009

Latest Anime Dubs

I don't usually pick up any manga magazines but yesterday I picked up a copy of Shojo Beat only for the fact they had an article about Nana. Nana is one of my favourite mangas and animes. The article was about the American dub that will be released sometime this year.

I...DREAD...American dubs.

Of course I grew up in the era when you could only see any anime in American dub. Thank god for DVDs where you can change the language. I'm not saying all American dubs are bad. I prefer to watch animes like FMA and Cowboy Beebop in dub. Guess I've just got use to heaing them in English and they work ok. Other animes like Love Hina make me want to shit blood from the poor excuse of voice acting they've done for it >_<

Now Viz Media have their hands on my precious Nana T_T Lets just hope they don't fuck it up. They are also bring out Honey and Clover which I also hope is not gonna be another fuck up. I've seen the trailer for the Nana english dub. Jeeez they couldn't squeeze in any more spoilers if they tried.

Talking of dubs...I've tried my best to avoid it buutt I finally saw a couple of clips from the recently release english dub of Ouran Highschool Host Club. It's actually not that bad. Not sure on Tamaki but I don't think anyone could quite match up to Mamoru Miyano. I guess I'm a little cynical because I believe the only voices that suit outragous animes are Japanese voices and not squeeky american ones :/

Back onto the subject of Nana I picked this song to end this post. Believe me I love EVERY song from the show but this is pretty related to my current state of mind so I'm gonna post up LUCY. Enjoy :)

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