Friday, 8 May 2009

Why haven't I drawn anything naughty lately? :/

It's definently been a good nine months since I've drawn anything erotic. After changing the title to this blog I realised I haven't drawn any penis for a good while. Have a grown bored of it? Have I not had the time? Have other things got in the way? I'm not really sure. I guess that muse I use to have has flown away.

I have planned as a project over the summer to start drawing up some erotic comics. This is to make some money on Second Life seeing as sex sells much more on SL then it does IRL.

I use to post a lot of my work on Y!gallery but seeing as my network at uni sucks and it doesn't like Firefox for some reason I've had to stop visiting. :( I think I also got tired of drawing my characters in sexual poses. I have a little more respect for them then that. Sad isn't it?

I think I might take a moment today to draw some smut. I need the practise if I'm going to make these comics.

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